Pass and I, pass by this murmur again: true sigh. Pass and, stop I – silence of the strip from this angle – this absence of sigh: film. I stop the intermission. I’m going, one by one, between a distortion and a trail and a seed that stops. I stop the seed: leave again. True light immobilizes. All three or four moments with images, regularly set one moment, one: instant with a face. I, seen, had never, have never seen this instant in time when I recorded the moment. Had I, this murmur or sigh? Forgotten this sigh and motion, this gaze and motion, the very instant of this face, line, neck, lips, origin of shoulders, returns and passes by again, I: pass by a lapse of memory. Each instant on image, by this, reveals the most. I touch: her. I slow down all the time, I, slow down the slow motion and stop the slow motion, replay the slow motion, a truth, a, longing for slow motion. An era, distant moment, remained hidden or concealed in these intermissions, visible, not in her unfolding. The femininity of this instant with a face, I, realize her presence from her absence. Instant face – it – is an equal sigh: erotic murmur, again. (Translated by Eugenia Tsutsumi)