Encloses the street, the white-zinc-grey roof, one, glitters, to grey of peyne-dark-blue opposes. Rememory in the moment, the sensation one, illusion, snow fallen ahead of season. Soothing layer foretells, more than the wait, one, of reunion. Vague, by a paper’s bit of news, idealess, leaves. Perceive, mechanical guide, outer around, the lack of clashings reveals, a gaze out from reverie, the vision, seconds, love feminine in compliment with no time to react. Some minutes before, in wait for these days of love but late, the sign. Encloses, traffic, cut off, outer noise versus music, see beyond, who, silences. Look outside, sound, passers-by enveloped, deprived and dressed by outer, to them becoming film. Each life is made, a joy in decision, act and choice, drive in cinemascope. In sudden love, a reconciliation by anecdote or annex never felt. An unexpected stroking, caresses annex, doubt dissipates by light touch. Then, two, the frame, a sheet on window equals small theatre in, at morning, out, neither theatre or cinemascope, efficient pace, the scent, passing winter, reaches coming joy. (Translated by Natalie Lithwick)