The face with, the light on zenithal: is falling. And the ebb of, causes a dimness of. Story: less – in the search: evokes event – once, plus, the sentimental turnaround. I can, evoke it, one, poet uneven verse, silence plus after, the loss of writing: nothing. I can, I wait, the speeding up minutes, account for moments: at last. I can, tell, two, the madden of the pattern artist over a question, caesura, the loss of writing: nothing. Or, go across of countryside – enchants by discover – the village life, calling: nomadic life. As, fascinate of forms study, tense sleek, plus one: by satin. Can, discover, in matter emotion, one, beauty unseen, what reason, then: joyless? If likens, in shifted song, hour and season, of a forest by sole resonant nocturne. In search of the periodic subject – in the last second – the shadows seeping, in the darkest room, of face turning aslant, first dialogue in the separation nose, brightens eye, soft, calm lasting moment, that she doesn’t light up, almost black of moment. Of, causes a dimness of, the face with. (Translated by Natalie Lithwick)