Take again search of the pattern – bloody pattern! – or, think white, transit. The strange emotive mark, one variable is, without set in motion where the interruption settles: ask why – what for ? The atmospheric variable fixes in the climatic exalt – the weather is fine! By will, no, self impossible of the contacts, exterior, of simple ininvestment in spite, says what signifying, and me. Awkward, if wound, but saying more than the false appearance of the “All is going well incorrigible!” Or rather, out and serene, the social anaesthesia. Remains the probable way out of the position, let’s leave it at that… An end only is missing, though the envies – oh yes! –, of avoid because watch as search without moment, turn back outside, can’t this re-investment. And the activity does not establish, or forced vanity of its importance, without love. So rare reproduced (see Nightly resounding) but diurnal unexpected or, without breaking, prolonging. At the time of the speech, one fragile in the instant, just caught, the untied fall surrounds in flow the gesture. Itself prolonging a grace, while speaking, go out shock, light and groggy – a confirmation? –, wish to take the time. In same, relative in the distance, the atmospheric variable fixes, flavouring and clothing, the pleasure or well-being, soon doesn’t worry – liveliness equals spring –, slack with peaks, exalt of the day, shouldn’t be far. (Translated by the author)