On face to face, one surprise, from body, undress hardly fast, at stop perceptive, if seen, perceive without details: the vertical elegance of nude in first perception after dark. In the booth make frame, one, tremble, perceive, broken line in angle of a leg and elongation straight on heels, the gestures designate the wide hips: state of femininity in postures. Crouched, at knees raised to eyes, onslide the long look on: thigh plus tights, is erotic/prude. One, unfastens her hairs or streaming unties (see The landscape in postures), reflections added and passes, with repeated application, her hand in, slowly, a modification, in this: her femininity. At departure, the raising, from the stretched tip raises for a kiss, betraying more, glimpse, a feeling. Where I go out, at the abrupt sun, in the fatigue, out of sorts, real morning’s spring, my own scene of The eclipse, in walk’s sensation, nearly stagger. In theatre, the light coming from the stage sweeps by stains her skin, gives the emotive sliding and touchable of the décolleté, diagonally caught. Again dark, the drag on the cigarette, in inhales, increases the light, redraws the face, one progressive inhaling then suddenly disappeared that I watch only in parts stains, again. Love says: modern pattern, another theatre on the town from a balcony, in quiet of the end of the day, re-establish a quietude of some smooth clouds and green-almond-beige of the facades and shutters. (Translated by the author)