The text resumed in two voices: one, monochord, unwinds, the other marks. Beginning in a park: a young woman gripped, reading on a tier of stones, don’t feign the emotional seismograph in the zoom, swift, tremble, barely time enough to see, gives by the apprehension that she sees plus the voyeur’s gesture. A scene follows: the actress face, of her detail to chest, shifting light redefines the shadows, repeats in analogy the atmospheric variable, affirms: sequences of times pass by accelerated, simulates, swaying in darkness, which tells never naturalistic light, in contradiction with the cinematographic editing. Abrupt shots, sudden and retaken in, quick zigzag, alternate in arrhythmia of, scrutinize the leafy rustling in reflector along with other series of landscapes in brief, a-significant bursts. Of, third: a self-portrait, face steady at the lens, a waltz on the spot stirs the landscape, two, redoes the temporal acceleration in differential of streaming past to twilight. Encrustations of bodies in poses exacerbate, replay the expressionism, motion then freeze and back to the waltz in many. On stage follows, from the reflection of the actress before the dim mirror. As end: the restarting of the incipit by one take two, trembles more slowly on the reader, of knees lifted up at about chin-level, a hand, in a bending, holds the book, the other clasps the legs, feet at the edge of the tier, bare, the curve eroticizes: what a camera brings up of the emotional by its mere motion is artifice not. (Translated by Natalie Lithwick)