A train: in a carriage in light failure, recovers in, hibernate, alone of the hour, extends, see, of black, the total speeds past undifferentiates, darkens more of night, to grey mist, some, of halos of diffracting beacons, of time, draws close a glimpsed hem of a wave yet again vanished. A train: the winter landscape in large awakening: valleys, groups of clustering trees, lines of them in enclosures of fragments, tiny villages in singular of the steeple, of the mist in patches ascends itself toward the sun, the ground visible, shadows of furrows, the earth frozen in scarlet – ochre beneath whitish – or apple green shades of grey – which frost signifies –, some earth bound clouds in muddle of mist cut the country paths accentuated in oblique light, the hills in the distance at the country’s bounds, at the clearing of bridges, as already the debacle and the frozen trees surround river in clear grey. An estuary: the surface earth and of water, one stretches in levels to balance, the flattened of wet sand, the circular of dunes… compose the augmented space between our bodies by verticals, rethink the framing in large shot, to the influx of the cinematographer; in suite visions: raises aspirated nets draw out of dry sand to the networks’ perspectives, the balance advances of crests of dunes in clear sharing of light, the beautiful in already seen high grass in surges and waves blur in the open of arriving aboard; is suite: sand, pocket of water, sand… the posture of punctuates us, in the distance endless, the large gyroscopic: the wrinkled water, the sun across, the cabin in different greens, the ex–votos in facades, deserts in, evokes, gilds, recovers. Thus: the sentiment of landscape is integral to space and light by the bodies that cross through it – that which the Photographer of Enchantment immobilizes – as the edge of the world in felt, reaches, there, at the limiting point, against wind in clamor, in ahead alone, the sun in pale, the rose-beige edges of dunes, bit by, the panoramic spreads, measures. (Translated by Natalie Lithwick)