The image fixes: points toward: grasps in a flash the collapse on itself sucks up from top to bottom in brief almost: disappears the mass in vertical sagging in the dense urban of the island: where expires the beauty of each ejection and white coiling-up and centrifugal folds in the unclear of the grey of smoke: amazes in the no-it’s-not-true of the brand new spectacular. The image fixes to the banal of the city workers in light high angle shot from the shoulder: the noise hears that the camera is searching at eye-level: scans left-right in pursuit of an invisible object dissimulated of buildings and stretches to the street perspective closed by the towers at the very synchronic of the eruption in the frame of the plane to the second: embeds. The recording mimics the catastrophe in its movement: trajectory, impact, zoom in, explosion, zoom out. The image fixes the non-specified of a black spot similar to the already archival document: in a fix shot passes: disappears: deflagration. Other film it goes: taken at the same height: enters in the frame right towards left: directly percolates the tower on the edge: explodes: goes through in the same laps of the impact perceived lateral. The film mimics the scientific high-precision recording of ultra-fast events with vision of effects: ejections of white sharpened triangle-shaped debris in spurts. The sources multiply the rest of the images: sum-up the film taken in the middle: establish the script in permanent cut-views, reprises and passages by the same: repeats or differs by rushes of all angles and cardinal points before the editing or: by the number of explosions: a trailer. Of the following day, the photographic gel prolongs the observation of an image: of the building in background: as the edges can only be perceived by the modification of values: of long vertical strips carpet the surface on a background of abstraction: centre: in a framing without earth nor sky: an out of focused silhouette of a photographic enlargement of a video moment: the grasped in between immobilises the fall of a stretched body: to an arching one-legged walk or an inverted slow-motion run: gives the completion of a gesture. (Translated by Jérôme Game)