Air moisten of morning, breeze, nipples under pull little, weighty chest high, wind on face, rotation, bursting of yellows on surface, foam on the shore, cut-out of black lace, whites and streaks of silver birch bark, fold of fist, view of heights over roofs, calm of nighthawks, acceleration, wave consistency, freshness of walls, modulation in colours of the water, the silence, glazes, rhythmic of the walk, the snow without traces, perception of surfaces, piano clusters, marine horizon, the cutting-out of sunlight passes over all things to a foot at the end, precipitations, the naked leg rocking from a sofa armrest – slow –, disturbances of smoke – modelisation –, the precise blue of snow, a shoulder, volutes of smokes dilute in the light – afternoon –, penetration, the puddle of water on the sand, nude in the bathtub, white flocculation over grey, stirring of leaves: the visual and auditory vibration, scent of caves and stones stairwells, the rustle, coating of evening orange, space where nothing happens, the wind amongst the high grasses – quite clearly – up to the placing of trees along the roadside – their rapid scansion – or the punctuation of thickets on the curves of the hills alternated, an “unusual” moment, the fall of bodies, lightning of thighs cut out, the resonance suspends of a chord, some hayricks in the field, the fold in the groin, the mass of compacted snow on a low wall, clouds are shifting – slow –, all the slowness of things, a puddle – just a puddle –, the repartition of sounds or the strangeness of grammar as the dullness of a surface, the ocular iris, the extent of surfaces, the air, the surface of visible skin, the éclat, the view, the elasticity of a footstep, the sound, the light, the displacement of one, seeing the surface, the dilution, the vibration, the rustle, the absence of movements, the rhythmic, the resonance, the elasticity, the slowness, I see the surface, the stasis, the mixture of surfaces, she, the suspension of grammar: the stillness. (Translated by the author)