In The Swimming, the water perfect black: of intervals of silence: sound interruption, one, punctuates, the foam bit-mapped in deceleration: shapelessness of the foam in particles: reflections: the space monopolizes of the swimmer’s body: sensation of the shifting of reflections with no muscular effort. What other no light than those of the spotlights abstracts: without movement – you don’t see – gestures in a space of particles and black: the displacement of waves. Passes the body, to in fro: of oblique to an other: in successions of plans: the dive follows: in the axis of interruptive series: loose the geography. Water particles all in white fire: moves and deploys of the space: fake slow-combustion to its resorption to: the film’s defacing – addition of vertical line marks as: a rain: the blot stars in the aquatic black inorientates as: a rain. The body suspects by fragments: of water dominates: passes near that image, series of blots dominates: passes close to of the upper limit: so that the plan of clear dots all under is: spread black: heaps, bunches, clusters. The series of flux and reflux in the absence of displacements except: the oblique drag of water, the gasified space, the white body dissolves, the scattering of foam. (Translated by the author)