Arms spreads at the horizontal: the fingers curls into the hand: indexes alone takes off on imaginary bars: head retracts into the shoulders: propulsion sudden: rising straight sudden of the body keeps in air: a beating of arms against gravity. I fill the intervals, the gaps in the photographic series. The gesture fulfils itself – other completion – in the fix of the emulsified surface, its suspension and the one – primitive – of its shadow on the wall: a maintained aspiration: stasis: I recall this aspiration: the last dance of Nijinski, catatonic schizophrenic seated since 20, in village costume, reduce to one jump: doesn’t land – “victory of the respiration over body”. I note: collapses sudden of a brutal extreme. I note: real starlings by the hundreds in flight – evening below a group of trees – a dense black scattering – high of a square and daily presence: hour and place – at identical height, displace: group: masses of changing directions sudden – “uniform and regular tactic” – corpuscles cover equal spaces in equal times – their cheeping in its circular hysterical form. Independent: of an ulterior moment, the spoken imposes itself: “the starlings, the starlings” – pattern with immediate effect. The pause under the trees – trees, the same – where the starlings are just audible – resonance without flight – hold still: a seizure amidst the green light – filters of it, urban, by the trees – includes, at the centre of the tree-lined square: imposes stoppage: a waiting: so that something happens, goes to happen, doesn’t happen: leaves again. I note: seizure: impression and sudden effect, abrupt, of a sensation: a sudden feeling, of an emotion seizes: provokes the halt: The pause by the terrace? The memory of precise geographical situations given by the reminiscence of the exact quality of the light: happens. Walk amongst the streets, night, forced, to cover kilometres, in the decision of the acceleration, the sentences come naturals, sentences inventing themselves in a flash, from walking, accelerate the most, as far right as possible, sentences, perfect forms, that I must recall them, the acceleration, which I repeat as they arrive so that I can recall them. They all disappear. (Translated by the author)