The day as per usual: of a real fatigue and obsesses the time: left to pass: passes: exhaust this time: reduce it to less: of all hours: weary of movement: shorten it – I broke the itinerary and took up the ritual interlude of the room. The time to pass that the sleep shortens and the room: I exhaust the vision in a night added onto day: its middle: the accelerator. The aim is forming: precipitates the time: in the time – morning – only unwinds fully or I take up the day: determine the walk: does not ask the question but remains the succession of time: all the time before which prolongs the found thing or the activity which arises: in the exhaustion of the walk which provokes, prolongs: the pretend to – looking at everything that happens as captive – inside all the time for going towards to this other moment: which the hour doesn’t complete: to prolong equal. The way to the possible moment: the appearance of the hour gives: complete the duration of the day: its regular sectioning: the symmetry of its parts: solidifies the time: shortens and, if alone shifts, the time of the other increases in proportion. Not doing doesn’t excite me: just to count the parts of time until the moment releases and the reprise: tomorrow. Mealtime to give a minimal consistency to time in the scribble that the dive develops: snare in sharp perceptive and proliferates: maintains this time slow: invariable. This time that occupies, in the passage of hour, if don’t speak, as the place fixes a thing to do: leads the gaze over: of this time passes slow or projects: of all the minutes disappears. I recapitulate the general about nothing than waiting: than the moment of the hour: what the hour points up and permits: decides the end of time: completes in the time: reduces again inside the seeming minutes: the identical they occupy. (Translated by the author)