Weather occluded and permanent sky – clear weather, sun with clouds transparent in number – sunrise over a dark blue sky, snow over roofs (calm and horizontals), streaks of white bands over the blue with deep orange at the back right – the networks which things constitute, the lines traced by chance: intermingled things: the aphasia and the shame: a feeling of disaster. Uniformly occluded sky, fine rain, disappearance of the snow, no modulation – white sky, horizontal snowfall, transformation to grey without rain – clear sky: two immobile clouds above a church – start of bright interval in splashes on the river – uniform sky: feeling of humidity – the days can be a day: only a succession of events to remember: I quick take back the succession of days. Fine weather with dislocation of clouds – blue with peripheral clouds disappearing – general blue, icy wind – soft snowfall, scattered flakes – the desolation: the desolation again meanwhile: all a reduced slowness: a nothing or rest of exhaustion in slowness exasperates: the nausea of a preceding day: to rediscover the landscape: to recapture the language. Cover – grey: absence of modulation – slow, very slow in the return of things, the torpor: a struggle not to fall asleep, all time forgot, I sink, digress, come back to a few harmonic fragments: fall of the head sudden (awakening). Maybe grey – incapacity of seeing the sky from below: impossible determination from the brilliancy of the walls (white reflections) – without concentration on things: that I do nothing. Grey weather, occluded – I nearly fall asleep: I let too many days go by: I no longer recall. I think it was a fine weather – it was grey, drizzle – grey weather – each person’s face lost to view, too many days gone by. Recollections of a grey weather – maybe grey – blue sky with clouds – undoubtedly fine weather – I haven’t noted that something happened, the day happened: in the way as identical: same. Wintry grey weather, fine rain imminent – sun, soft weather – difficulty of expression in complete fatigue: I have to stay conscious. Oblique snow: constellation on the coat – all this long time: all that remains to do. Grey weather, uniform, cold, start of snow at 2 pm – inside the return of things. Cold weather, sharp air, snowy – the water flowing out from a sluice over the paving, the few dry interstices. (Translated by the author)