Work then, do nothing, look, well, sort of, don’t, no time to, no desire, talk to her, bad dirving, speed, irritation, convesation impossible, pretend too busy, push, mistake, well, push, knock down, intense look, gaze obvious insult, a long time, nothing to do but more gaze, more, stay, do nothing, look, I look, prepare, do but, rather unpleasant with a, someone already seen, don’t know, really don’t know. Work at day, talk at night, work, no, at what, no doubt, finish something, then, work then have to, leave, stop in front of the café, look people pass, what they say, have fun, be happy, I stay, more, still at. Work, don’t interrupt, exhaust at end of day, annoys, talk only of and don’t ask any, yawn, no passion, irritate by, imature, metro, in nothing much to say in, interess no, discussions, walk her back a bit, I leave, embarassed, really. Work a bit, loose a bit, decline, distant, able to, for that, can’t pretend, doesn’t matter, come from something else, should, work at it, I remain distant, work, lethargy, lust for music and images. Work, tired, tire, overexcite, sleep in train, I sleep, wake up to light and colors, intense, nothing to say, not much, that they leave for, work, change places for, try, avoid noise: everything works as an autonomous world: men walking from far away on railroad tracks, the feeling of acceleration, the front of a deep red warehouse, rolling clouds, an airplane leaving, vanishing: a feeling, a sentimental relationship, feelings wrapping the world and the stories. (Translated by Hervé Roelants and James Titheridge)