Don’t stay long, come in, do more or less something, go to, help, I did something, don’t know, don’t know that or: insistent gaze, I read, I sleep, I read, I sit and look or: I try to invent composure, that of, which isn’t bored, works at looking, at trying to find, guess what are, look, think I am strange, in fact, bother me, look at them or: don’t sleep: L’avventura as a story of multiple substitutions including a definitive final or: get ready, hurry, let me look, look at me or: there was there, there was I was alone, did I do, looked, get ready, wait for and I leave, always too much but was, sun, taste each, subtle, real happy or: exult outside cafés, nothing, that look a lot but not yet too much, just ask, approach, ready to, touch, physical the idea excite, not ready for the next day, body or: impossible pieces in complient shapes but abused or: in the room, detach the silhouette, as of course, nothing don’t say, don’t do ten times, something happens but boredom bores me, try to but bores me, aknowledge, who are with but distance when, it’s stupid, bothers me and stop, it’s stupid because natural or: see a few details, these pieces before, become, like become, the pieces, each year or: the beside them, oppress, that I sleep, don’t stop looking at me for, or: hurry to, run, complete overexcite, funny trip, from time to, in rearview mirror, see the eye, the thought these days, interpret as don’t destine me to or: mention the beauty of people present, without even think, perfect, in floating attention, to converse with, a little, a, with another, from group to group, no will, don’t concentrate on, eclipse for a while, mean beginning of, don’t insist even if, of something want, distance, look if, a little but don’t show, only a few options possible left, don’t let sentence finish, move quick, small wood, as soon as the noise, move very quick, a discussion resumes, a possible hiding place, a closet under stairs becomes very, an image or: a greenhouse, tropics, on the ground, stop, talk, start again and the progressive clear blue light: an aspiration. (Translated by Hervé Roelants and James Titheridge)