Measure the other days, slightly distant, put some distance, think, give up, don’t dare look, don’t know, can’t go towards, fix difficultly, continuous things, embarrassement. Look at the phone think of, alone part of day, can’t do anything else, touch asmuch nothing as face provokes, fall back, wonder, be touched by. Hold tight, has already gone, but anxious, just one wish, can’t, try to sleep, sleep less than two hours, can’t stand, can’t control without. Oppress, keep from sleep if can’t sleep by fear of insomnia, can’t manage, can’t stop thinking of, confuse, always think, imagine that, don’t react, don’t feel, think of. Say something, can’t, turn over, ask, don’t know any more, doubt, say nothing, be stupid, ridiculous, stop, will happen, shake a little, to talk about. Have no interest, manage to talk, to talk, to mention a possible, a possible, explain, try to, don’t happen, word for. Fall, flash, in the shower, thought, don’t understand, just images, uselessness of, absurdity of. And: dull weather, rain, wind blows, jumps, clear up, cover up, covers, highway, skid, is: north or erasing a French park, lined trees, gravel track, central pond, rustling leaves and branches, rustle or hum is: a strong wind or swooping, a small wood, dirt track, footbridge, canal, bank, different shades of green faded by the athmospheric grey, tremble or hum is: fright or dereliction or: yellowy light ocre halo diluted in the near white outlines full blue oval, interrupts at end against white is: flashed or how things catch light, projection of face on slightly curved surface, face quarter by spots, joined up notes is: release or incomprehensible, carnation in light white traffic shines on dull pink and the pink-pink, face left flat is: disallowed nonchalant or fast exhaustion of shapes, ochre dots suspended in white on grey heart flat against liquid washed blue body, stump arm or crush as fin is: crumbling or completion: end. (Translated by Hervé Roelants and James Titheridge)