I go, I go, out, close the door gently, stop, stop what, look at the sky, night breathing of, straight in, breathe in before all the smells before, breathe in before walking, always stop: the passage, at my stop, garbage trucks, ritual, street service for other empty streets, disappear, will go, to start again and again or exhaustion: I can’t be afreight. I’m going, I’m going, in, car steam up, brake, skid, slide, a few centimeters, time: in the gray, I can’t be afreight. Weather near storm, the, nervousness, obvious irritated of passers-by, pass, in the street, echo of building fronts, whistle to deaf, mix stop the, pass, passers-by, pass, from a window of, top floor, a lit room are two dogs, their harmony: above my eyes, I can’t be afreight. A beggar kneeling in the middle of a sidewalk, of, dark mass of trees, groups on the move, wanderings, voices mix and interfer, pockets of sound, glass roof in the darkness, lines, word pronounced, sentence to note, there, there, at a stop that, inside, slow down: I can’t be afreight. (Translated by Hervé Roelants and James Titheridge)