On black inscribe it generic, an unchaining, a progressive descent after broken apparition, one: striving for dramatic, by the, all clichés of the period: scattered notes, punctuating expressive discontinuities, lightning dissonance, acid gaps, plated chords – one counts to twelve during a predictable pause -, reprise di tutti, followed by the same – twelve – by the isolated keynotes coming first curtain and coming first obscured. A lamp, its light, says a situation is nighttime, composing less than a decor, just the hint of context: objects tightened in the vibration and rotating motion of the fan seen long after, the air rich with artifice in the context of nothing that moves, nor advances, collapses and resigns herself where she, absorbed, exhales air takes in, in the concerted movement of the pulsating air on her and of the air that she exhales where facing curtain reconstitutes theatre, of a noise places an object, turns back toward the ground, to this object given only in sound, holds an empty frame on a full ashtray, passes hand in frame, takes the ashtray, passes it through, leaves the frame, moves and dissolves into a still life, of a hand holding the back of the frame and of the hand dangling, caress-strokes the neck of a vase, looks, on the wall, a painting, a topography: the essential question of places, their crossings. Without a single movement, only by sound, in the space enlarged by the rhythm of steps, slides to the ground in a 3D vision with reflections projected onto ground reflector, between chairs and tables in the continuous drone of this fan, between tables and chairs or else the still life by the sofa, at the window, up to the curtain that opens onto trees blurred by her own reflection and she disappears allowing herself to slide, advance, take off again, that she turns back sighs face to fan, touches an object whatever, clears a table, a throat, one turns back where all the objects placed in perfect rhythm shrink perspectivally to the other corner where the rotating asynchronic fan, goes toward the table, breaks consciously an object by making it fall, all one movement to follow to see into the plunge: ashtray and ashes spread on the ground. (Translated by Carrie Noland)