Where she: descending stairs, steps still audible, passing by: gate, fence, disappears. She: on foot full view: water tower, floor lamp, space in construction, bank, causeway, dust, crossing – mini apocalpyse. Where: sweeps with her shawl an invisible object and asks last time. She, in the middle the road, in the middle the pines, trailing gestures: to stop, to look at trees, to reach out or hold, to retreat, to proceed, one in the road, the other in the mad grass – mini choreography. Cut that a child crosses a road, attracts attention, passes in front, slows down to pass a hand through hair harmless, the theme: wanting to keep, turn back, and offer. Where: takes him by the arm, opens a gate behind to move from right to left. She: against a wall says will not say goodbye, gives up, says he will telephone, gives up extends his hand goodbye, to the sound of the fence, the grating sound so sharp, closing distinctly, moving away, out of sight – mini exit performance. Where: toward the entrance, turns towards, looks towards one immobile that they stare at, or perhaps lower their eyes, turns towards, passes: hall, picture window, a few stairs. She: in the modern interior, passes: balcony window, window, stops, looks, the wind flutters the bushes that she sees from the window: return to a natural time, in a natural pulse, begins, is the end of a sequence, a beginning of movement, a gradual starting again. (Translated by Carrie Noland)