The sound of an elevator and a door that opens and the two exit onto the landing and he closes his door, opens his door, closes his door, that she turns around, goes toward him, looks out a window, that he looks at her she at the other end of the room, goes toward her, opens a door that she crosses, follows her in the room, turns a light on above a painting that she looks at and looks at her she who enters a room, he who enters and follows her, that she moves toward him, looks at the window, moves toward, leans over to see, that he advances toward her who looks and finds himself behind her when she turns around, that she finds him near her, the evasion, slips in between him and a table, that she comes back toward him, faces him, smiles at him, extends her arm, opens a window that she places between them both, kiss on either side, lips against the pane, moves back, looks at him, kisses once more, that he shuts the pane again, hurries toward her, takes her quickly in his arms, holds her, kisses her passionately, that she disengages suddenly, that she crosses a hall, enters into a darkened bedroom in which she shuts herself, that she hears a sound, turns around, frightened, that she moves toward the window, looks for a long time at the street, that he demands if he can come in, that she refuses to let him, that he passes through another door, enters, moves toward her, surprises her who turns back and laughs, that he takes her in his arms and tries to kiss her, that she still fights him off, evasion sideways, that he approaches, pulls her toward him, kisses her at the nape of the neck, moves toward the bed upon which they collapse, extends his hand toward a breast he doesn’t dare touch, that she sits up, stands up, redoes her hair, straightens her clothes, that she puts back on her necklace, that he straightens his clothes, that she proceeds down the hallway, stops and turns back, that he pulls her toward him, holds her tightly in his arms, holds her yet more tightly, holding then separating, that she goes toward the entrance, that he opens the door, opens it a crack, looks through the door jam, that she remains on the threshold, turns back and leaves, descends the staircase and that he remains in the entryway while she descends slow the stairs, stops an instant, turns her gaze toward the floors above, looks into the emptiness, goes toward the entrance which is half-open, crosses the threshold, turns, hurries, seems awkward, bumps into a passerby, can’t advance, steps aside, facing a gate she grips, turns back, looks toward the sky, advances a few steps, looks at the trees through the gate, lowers her gaze, turns back and moves away. (Translated by Carrie Noland)