A situation: get ready, arrive early, is all turmoil, everybody, the evacuation then an immobility, gone feverish, get the picture, know that control is needed when in rushing toward, tense, cynic, a little distant, says has almost nothing, promises to try to find a solution, tells me not to trust him, reassures me, talk it over with him without knowing that, that we, that he was, that he was afraid, that we, that so he must, that it all clears up, that it has, that it had to, that it hasn’t, that it is, which is halting and cold and cold, tense, intimidated, distant, touching my shoulders and hair, sensing violence then identical, nobody there, wanting to vomit and the cold, the extreme emotional state of exhaustion, and still the discussions, the exhaustion, the joking, more extenuation than ever, extenuation, panic, incredible extenuation, I want to, I want to, I, I, who wants to, will look often, didn’t get it, curious, got to explain to him that he’s responsible for the situation—I cut it short—, don’t know but no longer remember why, know that and I know that for that and I know that, that I don’t have, know that, suggest that he but, finally, don’t worry, believe that, stays held back, gives the impression of constantly assessing, unleashed, barging, wants to say it all but what else he says, is a cold quarrel—act it out—am, don’t want, nausea, a little, a slowing down by, nothing other than what could happen, that a waste of time, that a nothing day, that do, don’t look, try to fix, don’t, don’t look, go back, don’t remember, don’t make me remember, take forever to, think to not, manage to do it all—to all do—and end up, doing only that, isn’t, that I am, was afraid, that what I had to do, without getting more tense from the lack of, remember having, worked, stayed, no doubt worked, looked, rose, went, forgot, came, put myself, arrived in extremis, finished. (Translated by Cole Swensen)