Crossing the city by the river: the steam, the rain, the route, the stops, the solitude, the desolation, pleasantries and long silences, the blurring of vision in the speed, the beauty of trucks in the speed, the glimpsed scenery, the play of clouds, storms almost not but sudden snowfalls, swarms of snow, cold, ice, radical transformation by stages of urban landscape in the morning, light of snow refracted, soft reflector in light blue tones of the other lights, passing by the glass, haloed, is progressive, the light of days the same, immutable, unchangeable where the lines reduce themselves to some events and soon none, interrupt themselves, the time that the images upon, that one day pass calm, exhaust themselves, that the things pass, had passed in some elements of day -- of other days -- that doesn't advance, that pass in normal time, in time of nothing, to things of day in the crossing of thoughts, in the memory of the images, don't see, don't remind me, know the intmidation, don't arrive there, is an extreme fatigue, the feeling of collapse, is image, sentimental vision in image, that which is not contained, a projection upon, a factory of, in the noise, the disruptions, the absence of concentration, the mediocrity, the ostentatious boredom, the disinterest, a reconciliation, a paranoia, the insignificant words, an irritation, the fear of the excesses, the boredom, the tiredness, a languidness, the sleepiness, the loss of time, the errors, the impasses, the beginning of a doubt, the recordings, the defilements, an affectation, an impossibility, a loss of time, a sluggishness, a declaration, a specific quality of light: I say again, it must be said, explained, to find the solutions, the tools, to make the things, make up one's mind, to take down, execute the movements, stop, take back up. (Translated by Cecilia Wolloch)