This commences, am the same, add nothing, passes in the same, the same immutable, remember of some, find myself in another without breaking, know what I do when I – redo the same things, the same – don’t know, know I’m going on, can’t look out anymore, not to, interests me, in the absence of and being there nothing else, don’t know what doing, stay, am, take back, don’t know well what doing, don’t want to, want particularly, finished, do, concentrate and must, that I move forward despite the noise, go, explore, rebegin many times, dissimulate, slide, look always the same thing, what is happening, the beginning, look how it passes, the development which ceases, will cease, in the grey weather and haste, absence, wait, distance, time of cold still, occupation of time, time again, in a first thought for time, for the resemblance of days, the same of other days, the time of more, of not, the cold and rain, the feeling of waiting and waiting itself, one more time early, one more time, a want of, of wait of, in nothing to do, barely, neither the want, nor really of, is a rain, a topography of the desolation, a desolation as if, desolation etc., a void, a world, an abandoned part, of deserted streets, a penetrating rain, the cold, the pain, the abandon, the fear, the abandon, the changes of light, the time, the deserted avenues and fear, the vertical panorama and clouds between, topography and buildings below, as far as, crossing as far as, the time, clouds crossing, catch the stop, the snow, of the snow or difficulty, the somber and grey in some clearing, the time, blinded, the sensation of, the edges of the river, the description, the winter garden, the time passed quick, the grey moments, the beauty, the fatigue, the struggle, the cold, all these, is only a voice, intonations, links, intensities, rhythms, speeds, the memory of the sweetness of seems to be a season, the light, the downpour, the softness of days, the agreeable, close the eyes, from the end and the beginning: rebegin. (Translated by Stephen Ratcliffe)