Pass the time, habitual of days, is time again, time out of sight, a long waiting of, in difficulty to, of time long but the time, know it, without anything ever moving, lost in, look and wait for, say to myself no but I must, do all can, try that I think of, that I think of, that I think, begin to, make things go forward, recatch the time of, to try that, end at last, add nothing, the time of, do nothing, I after, I do after, do what must, look for hours, and all that have, have not so much to, the rest nothing, have more things to say, don’t remember to, remember to have see the images in the room, and nothing particular, remarkable like in any others, see the images, are some incredible images, all that I see continually in the noises of manipulation of, the time seeing the images, the reminiscences of a voyage to, the first view of, causing the attachment, a light fidgeting of, in the way that stop, cut, interrupt, in the permanent of movement on objects and persons in poses, to the quick displacement of points of view, screen test, alternation of grain, is a question of arrangement of, thinking the instable, the rapidity, the vibration of, the noise: all that functions in a little autonomous world. (Translated by Stephen Ratcliffe)