Words explain representation, the curve of a forgotten thing. Apparition takes shape in apnea, proves itself, accrues transient elements into pure prosody, occupies the space where forms and contexts cannot be explained, transforms loss into a puzzle, allows one to observe the composition of veiled forms, to analyze profiles of substitution. An object breaks off the narration. Absurd or important things enter the field of action. The nearby din gets more and more intense, paraphrases a simulated implosion, a gateway into a turbulence zone. Confidences take shape at each phrase-end, furnish proofs. The written form simulates phonetics. The overlappings prevent the synchronization of voices. The inquiry spans the unevenness of intonations unraveled in ornaments that, over time, end up forming a nursery rhyme. In this removable prose, gestures are patiently described like a filmic event, motions are seen from a distance, events keep dwindling. In the formatted zone, the joint phrases liberate extensible images, sketch a local landscape, become an indelible landscape. Words coexist in a gush of complementary phrases, describe a surfeit of factors in neat rhythm through excess of symbiosis, shrink once they are uttered, make up an abrasive surface, leave everything unsettled. The structures are tenacious, cluster into temporary ideologies, split into slow syllables, wear none of the word’s otherness, become counter-chant – a form of postmodern incantation. All that remains is to grasp formulations. (Translated by Natalie Lithwick)